At Whitehall Animal Hospital we have a full in house hematology and diagnostic laboratory where we can obtain same day results on complete blood counts, blood chemistries, thyroid function, cortisol levels, heartworm and tick borne disease testing, parvo testing, feline leukemia and feline immunosuppressive virus testing, as well as fecal analysis for intestinal parasites, urinalysis, fungal cultures, cytology and gram stains. We provide these services in house so that we may immediately treat our patients the same day that they present with their illness.

In addition to our hematology laboratory, we have special equipment to monitor your pets blood pressure, a tonovet to check for glaucoma and the capability to perform tear tests in the case of suspected dry eye.

We also make use of our in house laboratory for preventative and well care monitoring. We recommend annual fecal examinations, complete blood counts and chemistries in geriatric patients, and annual heartworm, ehrlichia, lymes and anaplasmosis tests. Additional testing is recommended on a patient by patient basis.

We also work with a state of the art outside laboratory when additional testing needs arise.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (614) 235-9164.